World’s Best Theme Park Rides

Amusement parks are fun, sunny, and exciting. They have some of the best rides, foods, and picturesque scenery for a full day of joy. The main reason to visit amusement parks, aside from the experience, is the exhilaration of riding a huge roller coaster. This guide will be your amusement ride expert, guiding you to the best rides around the world.

Avatar: Flight of Passage

This ride is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida. The ride takes you on a wild adventure where you get to ride on the Toruk along with other members of the Na’vi tribe.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

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The Tower of Terror is also located in Florida as well as Tokyo and California at various Disney parks. The ride features an accelerated drop down an elevator shaft. It involves an enclosed space, so those that are claustrophobic should avoid it.

Millennium Force

The millennium force is a thrilling monster of a ride located in Ohio. It goes up to 93 miles per hour, and peaks at 310 feet.


The Maverick is also located in Ohio at Cedar Point. It has a 30-meter drop and a max speed of 70 miles per hour. It’s full of twists and turns that will bring the screams out of every rider.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

This ride is featured in Harry Potter World at the Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios. It is a journey through Hogwarts while riding a broomstick along with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

The Beast

The Beast is a wooden roller coaster in Mason, Ohio. It opened in the year 1979 and at the time was the best roller coaster in Ohio. Now it is a classic thrill ride that each visitor should attempt to ride.


The Mindbender is a huge looping roller coaster at Six Flags in Georgia. It was the first coaster to have three loops and is hailed as one of the most exciting roller coasters.

Looking for thrills and fun? Get on a roller coaster at your local theme park, or venture out to find adventurous amusement.